When he was a child…

Mahdi Torabi was born in December 4th of 1974 In Hamedan, one of the biggest and most ancient cities of Iran. When he was just nine years old, his father was killed in war between Iran and Iraq. After this tragedy, He had only a little brother who was seven years younger than him and a lovely mother who wanted to see the successes of her children. By following and helping her who had to manage everything as both parents, he learned little by little how he can play his own role in life properly.

When he was a teenager…

He makes the lack of his father to the opportunity, in the sense that he had to try harder than other people who were in the same age as he was. He also had to try to forget whom he lost and does something new to compensate this shortage in his life. In this regard, he practiced so many kinds of arts and sports to find his place and abilities. After a few years, with these experiences he always knew what he wants and, he believes, this was one of the most important factors of being a good leader. It was the first step of his leadership and great achievements. This way of life which he chose, helped him to understand his situation and it helped him to be a better person who always has an answer for critical states as a leader.

When he was a young man….

In 1994, he started his education in “Architectural Engineering”. During his study years, although he had to work in some firms for paying his university costs, it was an important event and a good start for his professional life as a manager of architectural projects. After seven years he finished his master continuing in art with so much job experience which helped him to be a successful architect. In these firms, he had several responsibilities but most of the time he had to lead his colleagues who had different abilities to achieve specified goals of typical projects. During these years, in addition to learning how to be a good designer, he also realized how to lead a professional group in various situations to get the best possible result.

When he became an independent architect…

In 2003, he decided to become an independent architect. It was a vital decision because it proved how ready he was and how much practical knowledge he has. After two years, he had his own company “Arkan Naghshe Memari”. In 2007, he decided to challenge himself again. So he accepted to be CEO of “Asman Shahr-e-Helia” which was a cooperative company with 220 members. On the other hand, the Mayor of Qom, based on his academic researches, teaching experiences and, more importantly based on his management abilities, he was asked to be the director of “Scientific-Applied Comprehensive Educational Center at Municipality of Qom” which was a university with 600 students and eleven employees. These fourteen months of his life showed how to design the best process for managing and merging different kinds of activities together and get the best and optimum result. “It was my honored that I had this opportunity to serve people of my country to get educated” he said.

When he decided to learn more….

In 2009, after eight years of finishing his study in master, he felt that he needs to learn more and be fresh again. Therefore he decided to continue his education as a PhD student in UTM in Malaysia. He left everything in Iran behind, including his job and his company, and he is very happy and satisfied now with this decision. Now he is just a student in architecture with nearly twelve years of experience with project management and strong work ethic. He knows lots of things about managing and leading a project and how to lead people to get the best result, but he wants to complete them in a scientific way. He hopes this knowledge will help him to be a more useful for human society.

Work Experience …

Main Architect & Chief Manager (Sep 2001 – Sep2009) 

Main Responsibilities; He was responsible for creating plans and designs, preparing models and cost estimates for each site development project and communicating with customers. Also responsible for working with clients to ensure that changes are captured, plans are updated, and that working designs are available for install teams.

Director of University (Aug 2008 – Sep2009) 

Main Activities; During this time, he was a principal of Scientific-Applied Comprehensive Educational Center at Municipality of Qom. His duty was control an administrative office with eleven employees and also manage finance schedule per semester.

Education & Training …

PhD Candidate in Architecture (Sep 2009 – Present)

Current Specialty; He is trying to introduce a new definition of self-selection in Architecture as a first time. As final result of his PhD, he wants to establish an “Assessment Model In Consideration Of Self-selection in Architectural Design Process (ADP)”.

Master continuing in Architecture (Sep 1994 – Nov 2001) Thesis/Score; In his master, he tried to represent the personalities of a real person, “Ayatollah Jafari Tabar” who died in 1999 in a monument of him in Vadi-o-Salam cemetery, Qom, Iran. The panel of The Islamic Azad University Central Tehran Branch (IAUCTB) was very satisfied of his result. His score of his master is 90.00% (18/20 – 3.6/4).

Principal Subjects & Courses/ occupational skills covered

Some of principal Subjects, courses and occupational skills which have been covered, are Architectural & Technical Design, Residential Building Design, Statics & Building Elements & Details, Theoretical foundation of Repair and Buildings & Repair Planning, An Introduction to World & Contemporary Architecture, Workshop Management & Establishment, Man, Nature & Architecture, Adjustment of Environmental Conditions, Concrete & Steel Structure, Industrial Manufacture & Design, Understanding Historic Building and etc.

Teaching Experience …

Professor of Architectural department (Sep 2005 – Sep 2009)

University of Applied Science and Technology

Some of main courses which have been taught are Technical Drawing, Architectural Design, Building components & Elements, Architectural Practices, Internship Supervisor, Technical Drawing, Basic Topography Drawing and etc.

Personal skills & Competence …

Social Skills; His first language is Persian (=Farsi) but he also can speak English and Arabic very well. He has excellent communication skills with clients, fellow employees, and management. With strong negotiation skills especially where contracts are concerned, he is able to motivate and lead work teams as well as handle discipline scenarios tactfully.

Organizational Skills; He is capable of managing or partnering with installation professionals to ensure that projects are on track and that all documents are accurate. These kinds of skills help him to be best in his responsibilities all the time.

Computer Skills; He has an advanced proficiency skills with computer software programs including Microsoft Office, Latex, Auto CAD, Sketch up and Photoshop.

Artistic Skills; Based on his education and his desires for learning different fields of art, his artistic skills are Mockup, Photography, Sketch and Pottery.

Other skills and capabilities; He has nearly twelve years of experience with Project Management. He is able to communicate a unique vision persuasively when applying his negotiating skills. Based on his clients, some of his capabilities are: Strong work ethic, Ability to prioritize and multi-task in a fast-paced environment. 


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